"B" Is For Biddie

by Forward Smash



Track that will appear on our forthcoming EP to be released Feb 23, 2014.


I can't believe the lyrics I hear
So insincere, too many words no meaning,
you're just like the rest
Hide your tears your makeups bleeding
And your hope lies inside of a notification box
I don't care if these four walls hear me
I will never stop.

Look at everything you've missed
Looking for fame in worthlessness
Your internet friends won't save you
from the fears that haunt your nights
Look at the world you had
You're making up problems just to feel sad
you'll be gone when the next trend comes
But I'll be here all night.


released January 24, 2014
Recorded by Nathan M. Scholz, mixed and mastered by Brandon Cagle.

Forward Smash-
Mark Fries- Guitar, Vocals
Nathan Scholz- Guitar, Vocals
Brian Donovan- Bass
Dalton Gross- Drums
Gang Vocals by Forward Smash and whoever was in my house that one night.



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Forward Smash Harrisonburg, Virginia

Harrisonburg, VA Rock Band

Mark Fries- Vocals, Guitar
Dalton Gross- Drums,
Nathan Scholz- Guitar, Vocals,
Brian Donovan- Bass

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